Prayer Calendar 3-9 July 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week


Please pray for Yang Yong Chen who turned 26 on Monday. Give thanks that he has settled so well into the daily craft class. Pray that he would find joy, value and an experience of love during his class time. 

Yang Xiang Hua turned 28 on Monday. Give thanks for her enjoyment of relationships. Pray that she would continue to enjoy her craft work. 


Dong Xu is 19 years old today. Please pray that his nannies will learn how to interact with him and that he will enjoy his play time. 

Yang Chun turns 15 today. Give thanks that he has settled so well into his new group home. Please pray for inspiration as plans are made for his future vocation. 

FRIDAY, 5 July

It is Yang Fu Ju’s 9th birthday today. Please pray that Ju Ju would find motivation to develop, change and grow, particularly in his education and behavioural struggles. Give thanks that he remains such a relational boy. 


Pray for Yang Xi on her 22nd birthday. Give thanks for her helpful nature, and pray that she would continue to enjoy developing her cooking skills and caring for others. 

SUNDAY, 7 July

Please pray for Li Shi on his 26th birthday. Pray that he may be protected in the summer heat as he goes around selling newspapers and pray that he will stay happy in his work. 

MONDAY, 8 July

Please pray for John Cooper’s (ICC’s China Teams Manager) wife, Claire, who will undergo a serious hip surgery on July 9th. 


Pray for Yang Heng Liu on his 16th birthday. Give thanks for his desire to learn and explore. Please pray that he would grow and develop in both his relationships and new skills.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise for the open door we have to influence the care of all the children in the Hengyang Welfare Centre. Pray for Alison, Anna, Catherine, Kyla, Madeline and others that speak into the care of these children still in direct government care that they would have wisdom and ongoing influence.