Prayer Calendar 29 May - 4 June 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week


Please pray for the Anemaat family in China (Justin, Lisa, Tyson, Brianna, Joshua & Becky). Pray for Justin as he recovers from recent health challenges and brings leadership to our Changsha projects. Ask God to strengthen and bless them as they continue to serve the work of ICC. Pray for protection over their family. 


Please pray that Yang Liu Biao has a fun filled fourth birthday. Pray that the right family would find him on the adoption list. Give thanks for his love of people and pray that he would learn well and accept boundaries. 

FRIDAY, 31 May 

Please pray for the children that we serve through our Community Outreach Project. Pray for the staff that support the children and families who are at a high risk of abandonment. Pray that God would bring more Chinese staff with a vision and passion to serve long term in this work.


Today, please pray for Wang Gui and Dong Gui who turn 23. Please pray that Wang Gui’s wound will heal as quickly as possible, and that he will gain strength and good health every day. Please pray for Dong Gui, and ask that he will have more control of his body. Pray that his movements will become more independent and that he will be able to better care for himself. It is also Yang Long Li’s birthday today. As he turns 1, give thanks that he recovered so well from heart surgery. Pray that he will continue to develop well and enjoy life. 

SUNDAY, 2 June 

Please pray for Du Wen who turns 17 today. Pray that he would learn to have more control over his emotions and that he will be more willing to join in on activities and gain a lot of enjoyment from them.

MONDAY, 3 June 

Today, Yang Heng Chan turns 8. Give thanks for her recent improvements and smiles. Please pray that she would put on weight and continue to find joy in life. Pray that the rest of the money for her new wheelchair would be raised soon. Dong Yue is 23 today. Please pray that he will be more cooperative with his carers, especially when it comes to therapy training. Pray that he will enjoy his therapy sessions. 

TUESDAY, 4 June 

Let’s celebrate Zeng Fang as he turns 14. Give thanks for this young man and pray that he will have more opportunities to go outside and enjoy our beautiful world.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise that God is bringing the right people to come and work with the ICC Canada office at the right time.