Prayer Calendar 29 Jan - 4 Feb 2014

Our prayer requests for the week

WEDNESDAY, 29 January

Li Xin Cheng turns eight today. Pray for long-term financial support for his special dietary needs and supplements. 

THURSDAY, 30 January

Yesterday, Dang Cui Rou celebrated her sixth birthday. Praise God for her polite and cheerful nature. Pray that she would continue to find joy in her classes and therapy. 

FRIDAY, 31 January

Please pray for our project managers in Sanmenxia and Hengyang, as well as the team managing the Changsha project. Pray for wisdom, guidance, and strong relationships with the welfare centre leaders.

SATURDAY, 1 January

Li Fang Jun turns 16 tomorrow. Give thanks for his love of craft making. Pray that his emotional development and relational needs would be met. 

SUNDAY, 2 January

Today, Yang Heng Xin is 19. Praise God for her resilience. Pray for safety and protection as she walks and for greater confidence as she relates at home and in class. 

MONDAY, 3 January

Celebrate with Yang Heng Bo as he turns nine today. Give thanks for his continued improvement in his abilities and interactions. Pray that he would learn to improve his self-care skills. 

TUESDAY, 4 January

Yang Heng Hui turned six years old yesterday. Praise God for her willingness to explore and face new challenges. Pray that she would continue to enjoy feeding herself and gain confidence with her walking.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God that two children received new wheelchairs and now experience mobility for the first time.