Prayer Calendar 28 May - 3 June, 2014

Our prayer needs for the week


Continue to pray for those involved in managing the process of outfitting the new five-storey building in Hengyang. Much wisdom is needed in ensuring the process keeps to the specifications that meet the needs of the children. 


Give thanks for little Yang Long Zhi who turns four today. Thank God for his loving nature and love of hugs. Please pray that he finds a sense of security in the Father’s arms and knows that he is loved. 

FRIDAY, 30 May

Pray for little Yang Liu Biao who is five years old today. Please pray for stability in his young life. Also pray that he will learn to respond positively to boundaries as he adjusts to his new classroom environment and soak in all the new things he is learning. 


Please pray that fear will not control and limit the work in Sanmenxia. May God encourage and strengthen the hearts of the leadership and staff of ICC as they constantly function under challenging conditions.

SUNDAY, 1 June

Wang Gui turns 24 years old today. Please pray for improvement to his health and relief from his pressure sores. Yang Long Li turns two today. Praise God that his heart is doing well. Pray for continued development and for a “forever family” for this little one. 

MONDAY, 2 June

Give thanks for Dong Gui who also turned 24 yesterday. Pray that he continues to develop his socialising skills and get along better with his peers. Celebrate with Du Wen as he turns 18 today. Please pray that he will be less picky about what he eats and that he will respond positively to his caregivers. 


Today, Dong Yue turns 24 years old. Praise God for the improvement in his physical condition. Pray for continued strengthening of health. Also celebrating a birthday today is Yang Heng Chan who turns nine. Praise God that she is progressing well and still so happy about her new pushchair. Please pray for sustained progress.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God that the director of one of ICC’s partner welfare centers has recently adjusted his management style, encouraging the staff in their work and seeking to build them up in the last couple of meetings.