Prayer Calendar 28 August - 3 September 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 28 August

Pray for Geoff and Jane Hills as they work as Team Life co-ordinators in Changsha over the summer; caring for our expatriate staff within our projects. 

THURSDAY, 29 August

Pray for ICC as we seek to effectively develop better ways to support our field staff that return home after completing their service with ICC. Reintegrating back into life after a time in China can be challenging. 

FRIDAY, 30 August

Pray for Yang Heng Dun who turns 16 today. Give thanks that he continues to find joy in helping his carers with chores. Pray that he will be given more learning opportunities in class in the future. 

SATURDAY, 31 August

Please pray for ICC’s National Offices around the world as they represent the work of ICC and seek to engage more people into our work.

SUNDAY, 1 September

Yang Fu Ming is turning three years old today. Pray that he grows in confidence to try new things so that he will continue learning in kindergarten. Pray for a family to adopt him and to provide for his emotional and practical needs as he grows.

MONDAY, 2 September

Please pray for Yang Heng Sun who turned five yesterday. Give thanks that she loves her classes. Pray that she would continue to develop her language and communication abilities and that she would deeply know God’s peace and security. 

TUESDAY, 3 September

Please pray for Dong Kai who is turning 17 today. Pray that his appetite will improve so that he can continue gaining weight and strength.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the new UK board members who are bringing passion, enthusiasm, wisdom, experience and skills to help continue the growth of ICC in the UK.