Prayer Calendar 27 August - 2 September 2014

Our prayer requests for the week

WEDNESDAY, 27 August

 Zeng Huang turned 19 yesterday. As he changes jobs regularly, please pray that he will realise his own ability, will commit to one job and do it well. 

THURSDAY, 28 August 

Pray for the ICC summer teams. Pray that the children will have a fun time, feel loved through summer camp activities and be blessed by the volunteers. 

FRIDAY, 29 August

Pray for continued miracles of healing for some of our staff who are walking through serious health challenges. Pray that our Father will fill them with His peace. 

SATURDAY, 30 August

Please pray for Yang Heng Dun on his 17th birthday. Praise to our Father for his happy personality. Please pray that he would master the toilet! 

SUNDAY, 31 August 

Today, please join with us in prayer that within the year Yang Heng Xi will have a “forever family” who can provide for him.

MONDAY, 1 September

Pray for Yang Fu Ming on his fourth birthday. Please pray that a forever family will fall in love with him and adopt him. Today is also Yang Heng Qi’s birthday. She is turning 11 today and is really growing up and thriving in her room. Pray that she will enjoy the move to the new building. 

TUESDAY, 2 September

Pray for Yang Heng Sun who turned six yesterday. She is progressing very well in communication and learning. We hope she will join an education class after the move to the new building. Pray that she will continue her love for learning.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for the adoptions of Wang Ai Jia and Yang Heng Chang, who have each joined loving “forever families” in the USA.