Prayer Calendar: 27-30 September 2015

Our prayer needs this week

SUNDAY 27th September

Zeng Feng is turning 17 today. She starts her second year of middle school at the end of August, so please pray for a smooth transition back to school. Also pray for her continued health. 

Answer to Prayer 

Let’s praise God together for great news from Ann Edwards, ICC’s former Sponsorship Update Coordinator. She was diagnosed with cancer recently, but the surgeons believe they have removed everything. Pray the continued treatment is just as successful and the cancer doesn’t return. 

MONDAY 28th September

Pray for Yang Heng Chu as it was his ninth birthday yesterday. Pray that he would learn good habits, not need to demand attention and be secure in his place in the Skylark family. 

TUESDAY 29th September

Let’s lift up Terry Phillips, ICC’s former Pastoral Care Director, who is battling cancer. Pray for his healing, and that he and his wife, Rose, would know God’s presence at this time. Pray also for provision for the many costs associated with treatment. 

WEDNESDAY 30th September

Pray for Li Huan our education manager as she comes back from maternity leave, and for Ci Ci as she goes on maternity leave.