Prayer Calendar 26 June-2 July, 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week


Please pray for Yang Heng Wei as he turns 5 today. Pray that he would find joy and meaning during his daily sensory therapy times and that his carers would notice his likes and dislikes. 

THURSDAY, 27 June 

Please pray that Dang Yao Hua had a great 4th birthday yesterday. Give thanks as she has been matched for adoption! Pray for her as she transitions to her new family. 

FRIDAY, 28 June 

Please pray for Yang Heng Qiao on her 11th birthday. Pray that she will develop her own way to express herself when she needs to, and that her carers would understand what she is trying to communicate with them. 

SATURDAY, 29 June 

Liu Mo is 23 today. Please pray that good health will be upon Liu Mo and that good health will remain with her. Give thanks for this young lady and pray she will know how much she is loved. 

SUNDAY, 30 June 

Pray for God to touch the hearts of those that can give to the work of ICC, especially as giving has been lower the first few months of 2013. 

MONDAY, 1 July

Today, Yang Heng Shan celebrates his 23rd birthday. Pray that he would continue to have the freedom to express his joy and excitement and create a positive atmosphere. Yang Heng Huan turns 14 today. 

Give thanks for the joy that she finds in simple things. Pray that she would continue influencing people with her happiness and know satisfaction more than frustration. 


Please pray for Tan Wang as he turns 13 today. Pray that he may find his self-worth and that he may have better peer influence.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the 20th Anniversary celebrations in China that took place in May. It was a wonderful time of celebration!