Prayer Calendar: 26-30 April

Our prayer needs this week

SUNDAY 26 April 

Today, please pray for Yang Fu Mai (who will be 10 in June) as she gets to grips with feeding herself. Pray that her skill and confidence will increase each day. 

MONDAY 27 April 

Kyla Alexander, our China Operations Director, is speaking at the annual Christian Alliance For Orphans (CAFO) conference in the USA. on April 30th. Please pray for wisdom and inspiration! Also pray that Kyla and our USA staff and board members who are attending would all make good contacts and establish new networks throughout the conference. 

TUESDAY 28 April 

It is Zhang Wei Tao’s eighth birthday today. Praise to our Father that his physical condition has improved. He is eating and sleeping better, and also gaining some weight. Please pray that this will continue. 

Answer to Prayer 

We are grateful to God for the hiring of a development officer in Hong Kong. Mina Chung will begin her role in May. 


Pray for our Education Manager in Hengyang as she takes maternity leave. Pray for staff of the Education Department as they continue the work in her absence. 

THURSDAY 30 April 

Pray for the Changsha management team as they work through the long process of restructuring operations and management to better suit the needs of the children and local staff.