Prayer Calendar 25 September - 1 October, 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 25 September

Give thanks for Su Duan on his 28th birthday. Pray that he continues to stay healthy and happy. Wang An Tu had his sixth birthday yesterday. Praise for the recent improvements in his speech and pray that this may continue. 

THURSDAY, 26 September

Dang Zhen Yang turns seven today. Give thanks that he is making good progress in therapy and really enjoys circle time. Please pray that he will continue to learn how to express his needs to those around him. Pray for Sun Wu who turns 25 today. Give thanks for the blessing she has been as a therapy assistant at the Lighthouse after the years she was cared for by ICC. 

FRIDAY, 27 September

Please pray for Yang Heng Chu who is turning seven today. Give thanks for his confidence at home. Pray for a growing ability to learn in kindergarten and a willingness to share his feelings more freely. Zeng Feng turns 15 today. Pray for her and the challenges she faces, and that she would overcome difficulties, facing each day positively. 

SATURDAY, 28 September

Give thanks for Dang Zi Ye who had her first birthday yesterday. She can now sit on her own and is starting to crawl. She really enjoys interacting with others. Please pray that she can continue to progress in therapy and increase her mobility. 

SUNDAY, 29 September

Please pray for Jannene Wall, ICC’s Chief Operating Officer, as she coordinates ICC’s fundraising and mobilisation work around the world. 

MONDAY, 30 September

Please pray for Terry Phillips, ICC’s Pastoral Care Director, that God will give wisdom as he cares for ICC’s field staff and equips our pastoral care workers.

TUESDAY, 1 October

Du Yi turns 17 tomorrow. Give thanks for his kind, gentle nature and good health. Please pray that he will successfully learn to wash and dress himself independently.

Answer to Prayer

Praise God for the continued transformation that we see in the lives of the children that we serve.