Prayer Calendar 25-31 December 2013

Our Prayer Needs for the Week

WEDNESDAY, 25 December

Fu Zhi Peng turns 15 today. Pray that he will find value and personal reward during the vocational skills classes. 

THURSDAY, 26 December

Pray for the UK National Office staff and board as they transition to new leadership. 

FRIDAY, 27 December

Give thanks for Zheng Quan, who is 21 today. Praise God for his willingness to help others and for the excellent example that he is to all of the children. Pray that his limbs will strengthen through his therapy. 

SATURDAY, 28 December

Today, Dang Mei Jia turns nine. Give thanks that she is really enjoying her new class routine and extra time with teachers. Pray that she will learn the value of words to express her desires and joys. 

SUNDAY, 29 December

Dang Wen Ke is 11 years old today. Give thanks for the fun that he had playing with the men on the October team. Pray that he will settle well back into his routine after the team visit. 

MONDAY, 30 December

Pray for opportunities in 2014 – people and financial resources – so that all of ICC can step into everything that God is calling us to do. 

TUESDAY, 31 December

Please pray that ICC would continue to rest in a spirit of thankfulness even through times of trial or lack. Pray for continuing favour from all quarters as we walk into 2014. 

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for the wisdom that the UK board members had as they made decisions about growing ICC in that country.