Prayer Calendar: 24-30 September 2014

Our prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 24 September

Today is Xu Ze Hui’s 17th birthday. Pray for the opportunity to develop his skills and capabilities, especially in computer work, which he loves. 

THURSDAY, 25 September

Pray for Su Duan on his 29th birthday. Please pray for peace of mind and good motivation to live each day with joy and happiness. 

FRIDAY, 26 September

Pray for Sun Wu as she turns 26 today. Give praise for the life of this young lady who finds joy in music and being a teacher-aide to the students in Lighthouse. Pray that she will seek after God more and know the will of our Father for her life. Dang Zhen Yang is eight years old today. He can now sit independently on a toy horse and enjoys play riding. Please pray that through continued therapy he will increase the range of movement in his arms. 

SATURDAY, 27 September

Zeng Feng is celebrating her 16th birthday today. Pray for Zeng Feng to know how she is blessed by many and can be a blessing to others. Pray for gentleness of spirit as she relates to others. Pray that instead of being playful all the time, she will know her interest and be ready to focus on developing a skill. 

SUNDAY, 28 September

Let’s celebrate Yang Heng Chu who turned eight yesterday. Pease pray for more opportunities to learn and develop. Give thanks for his cheerful grin and loving heart that bring joy to his family.  

MONDAY, 29 September 

Please join with the Sanmenxia team in praying for their Care Dept. Manager, Zhang Li, as she is in serious condition in hospital with a brain bleed. Please pray for healing for her and peace as she rests. Also remember the Care Dept. staff as they will feel her absence for recovery, which could be as long as six months. 

TUESDAY, 30 September

Please pray for wisdom as we continue discussions with the Sanmenxia government leaders around the co-operation that we have there.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks that Du Sheng has graduated from Junior High School and he will enter Hunan Industry and Trade school. Give thanks that he has a small part-time job working in a library in the interim.