Prayer Calendar 23-29 October 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week


Yesterday, Tan Li turned 16. Give thanks for her eagerness to learn. Please pray that she will not be discouraged as she works hard to keep up with her classmates in their lessons. 


Tomorrow, Yang Heng Cen will be nine years old. Give thanks that he had such a happy summer. Please pray that he would develop more of a bond with his carers. 


Please pray for Dang Qin who is six today. Give thanks that he loves to use his walker and walk over to attend class each morning. Pray that he will find the joy of words and continue to progress in his mobility. 


Please pray for Tan Ya who turns 13 today. Pray that she continues to receive the life-giving love and care that she needs from her foster home. 


Dang Dong Xue turned two on Friday. Give thanks that he has continued to have reasonable health despite his brothers and sisters having some illnesses recently. Please pray that he will continue to find joy in life despite his health and physical limitations. 


Gao Xiao Mei is 17 years old today. Give thanks that she loves to go walking with her walker and she loves attending her classes. Please pray that she will find joy and fulfilment from the various activities she does, including helping out with her younger sisters. 


Give thanks for Zhou Pu who turns 26 today. Please pray that he will continue to be a good example to his peers. 

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for God’s provision of volunteers willing to join short-term teams to China. Please pray that more volunteers will be raised from outside of our traditional areas of support.