Prayer Calendar 23-29 April 2014


Yang Tu She is six today. Thank God for the progress he has, especially that he is now able to chew solid foods, and will respond to his name at roll call. 

THURSDAY, 24 April

Yang Heng Fei is 18 today. Praise God that he enjoyed planting fruit trees on the farm. Pray that he will have more opportunities to enjoy the farm and experience God’s love in His creation. 

FRIDAY, 25 April

Pray for Long Yu Lan, who turns 13 today. As she begins attending classes, please pray that she would learn quickly and gain important life skills. 

SATURDAY, 26 April

Pray for the vision of ICC. Lift up David Gotts as he continues to walk out God’s plan through 2014. 

SUNDAY, 27 April

We celebrate with Dang Yun Xi, as she turns three today. Give thanks for the great progress that she has made through her physical therapy. Pray that her motivation and drive will continue to grow and that she will be able to crawl and stand on her own soon. 

MONDAY, 28 April

Zhang Wei Tao is turning seven today. Give thanks and praise for the huge improvement in his appetite and food intake after tremendous efforts from the entire team. Pray that this trend will continue. 

TUESDAY, 29 April 

Pray for those that God is whispering to, whether it is about coming to serve, sponsoring a child, or supporting our work.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God that there is now a full complement of translators and office staff in Hengyang.