Prayer Calendar: 22-30 November 2015

Our prayer needs this week

SUNDAY 22nd November

Please pray for our need of long term volunteers to serve on the field. We would like volunteers with language skills so they can integrate more easily with the local community and culture. 

MONDAY 23rd November

Please pray for wisdom for the leadership of ICC as they continue to engage in contract renewal negotiations with the Sanmenxia government. 

TUESDAY 24th November

We warmly welcome the new team of overseas volunteers in Hengyang. Please pray that they will settle well and quickly in their new environment. 

WEDNESDAY 25th November

Pray for Yang Fu Tun turns 14 today. Pray that she would enjoy the changes to her classes and that more and more of her potential would be released, and be seen and enjoyed by her along with her family. 

THURSDAY 26th November

Please pray for the staff and young people of the Vocational Training Centre in Changsha that they will settle well in their location and develop good relationships with their neighbours. 

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for our faithful child sponsors who make it possible for the children to live in loving homes and experience the fullness of life. 

FRIDAY 27th November

Please pray for the fundraising campaigns taking place around the world between now and the end of the year. Pray that those being asked to respond would have their hearts moved to give. 

SATURDAY 28th November

Praise God for the wonderful volunteers and supporters who made our annual Walk the Wall fundraising events around the world a success. 

SUNDAY 29th November

Please pray for Victoria, one our long-term volunteers in Hengyang. She is currently in the USA for medical treatment. Pray for a quick recovery and for our Heavenly Father’s peace and assurance to be with her as she faces her health challenges. 

MONDAY 30th November

Please pray for Dang Dian Dian as she turns eight. Praise for the progress she has made over the last 12 months and her beautiful personality. Pray for a forever family for her that would be able to provide the opportunities for her that she might not have in China.