Prayer Calendar 22-28 Mar. 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week

FRIDAY, 22 March 

Pray for Catherine Staten as she continues to learn language and care for the medical needs of children within the Hengyang Project. 

SATURDAY, 23 March 

Pray for Darcie and Andrew Inkpen as they continue to assimilate their family of four children into life within China. Pray that their schooling will go well and that they will not miss their friends too much. 

SUNDAY, 24 March 

Today, pray for Karen Norman as she continues to build relationship with the Sanmenxia Welfare Centre. Pray she continues to gain confidence as she carries the needs of the children within the Sanmenxia Project. 

MONDAY, 25 March 

Pray for Poh Suan as she returns to Singapore. Pray she integrates well with family, friends and is blessed through work opportunities. 

TUESDAY, 26 March 

Today, Yang Heng Ci is celebrating her seventh birthday. Give thanks for her joy-filled laughter and giggles. Please pray for continued enjoyment of her sensory times and for stability as she watches children become adopted from her family in Room 3. 

WEDNESDAY, 27 March 

Pray for Dave and Ruth Muller. Give praise that they did well in their first year and pray that they would set down strong roots in all aspects of their lives.

THURSDAY, 28 March 

Please pray for incoming team members to Sanmenxia that their visa arrangements and travel will not be discouraging.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for all ICC Board Chairs and Board members: for their heart and commitment in supporting the growth of ICC in their home countries.