Prayer Calendar 22-28 January 2014

Our Prayer Requests for the Week

WEDNESDAY, 22 January

Today, Zhou Yong is 27 years old. Give thanks for her desire to find work and gain independence. Pray that she would be able to find a job that suits her well. 

THURSDAY, 23 January

Dang Xiao Pang turns 17 today. Praise God for his newfound ability to write using a pen. Pray that he would continue to gain strength and movement in his hands as he learns to feed himself. 

FRIDAY, 24 January

Cao Yue Ning turns eight on Tuesday. Pray that she would have a good appetite and have a better and balanced diet. 

SATURDAY, 25 January

On Wednesday, Li Run will be 31 years old. Give thanks that her physical condition has improved. Pray that she will have less need of her walking aid. 

SUNDAY, 26 January

Today, Zhang Ji celebrates his 13th birthday. Please pray that he would be able to focus on his school work. 

MONDAY, 27 January

Yang Hua is 17 today. Pray that she would find security, love, and fulfilment in the Heavenly Father’s arms. 

TUESDAY, 28 January

Give thanks for Du Xia, who turns 21 today. Please pray that he would gain interest and participate more in circle time and other group activities.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the recent donation of much-needed medical items.