Prayer Calendar: 22-28 February

Our prayer needs this week

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks that every young person in the Hengyang project now has access to attend craft and woodwork classes each week! Pray that the young people’s excitement will continue to energise the teachers.

SUNDAY 22 February

Yang Heng Jun is celebrating his 16th birthday today. Give thanks that he is finding joy and meaningful activity in his new afternoon classes. 

MONDAY 23 February

Pray for Yang Heng Yuan, whose surgery in Beijing was initially delayed due to a cold, that he may now recover quickly and return home to his Hengyang family.

TUESDAY 24 February 

Changsha has been without an Area Director for some time. Please pray that God will lead the right person to the role.

WEDNESDAY 25 February 

It is Du Ling’s 17th birthday today. Please pray for sensitivity of seasonal change (she might put on coats in summer, shorts in winter), and for a greater independence in some areas of her life.

THURSDAY 26 February

Pray for Zeng Jian as today is her 16th birthday. As she is quite an introverted personality, she finds it difficult interacting with others. Please pray that she will find bravery within her to be more open, and sociable.

FRIDAY 27 February

Pray complete healing for Yang Heng Tao who had an operation in Shanghai to insert a shunt to relieve pressure on his brain. He now needs further surgery to investigate the cause of the swelling.

SATURDAY 28 February

Pray for ICC Netherlands board as they seek to hire a part-time development representative to help grow their influence and network of local churches and supporters. Pray for wisdom, opportunity and the funds needed for capacity building.