Prayer Calendar 22-28 Feb. 2013

The week's ICC prayer needs

FRIDAY, 22 February 

Please pray for Yang Heng Jun on his 14th birthday. Give praise for his continued joy of jumping and his ability to share it each day. Pray for new interests to enrich his day. 

SATURDAY, 23 February 

Pray for Mike & Ruth Marshall as they return to the UK after four years on the field. Pray for blessings as they set up home again and reconnect with friends and family. 

SUNDAY, 24 February 

Today, Yang Niu Xia turns four years old. Please pray that she would continue to grow in confidence and her physical, social, spiritual and emotional abilities. 

MONDAY, 25 February 

It is Du Ling’s 15th birthday today. Please pray that she will learn to use good manners, and that she will know true joy that only our Father can bring. 

TUESDAY, 26 February 

Today, Zeng Jian turns 14. Please pray that she will have more opportunities to go outside and enjoy our beautiful world. 

WEDNESDAY, 27 February 

Pray for our newest field volunteers as they prepare for orientation training. Pray that they would settle into life in China and feel the Father’s presence while away from family and friends. 

THURSDAY, 28 February 

Please pray for Dave & Ruth Muller,that 2013 will be a year that will transform from a time of surviving to a time of thriving in their new life with ICC in Hengyang. 

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks that we continue to see the hand of God on our children’s lives.