Prayer Calendar: 21-27 December 2014

Our prayer needs for the week

Answer to Prayer 

The international volunteers had a very good time at the recent mini retreat. Give thanks for spiritual refreshment for these committed people serving in China.


SUNDAY 21 December

Pray for the International volunteers of ICC that are away from their families over the season of Christmas. Pray that they would know community together and have a blessed season with the children in the projects, as well as with each other.

MONDAY 22 December

Pray for Zeng Kan on her 19th birthday. Please pray that her stomach pain would ease. She has had a check up at the hospital, with no results showing. Pray for patience at this time and that all discomfort will be relieved. 

TUESDAY 23 December

We are grateful for Linda Morgan, who has recently joined as Chief Development Officer. Please pray that she feels welcomed and settles well into her role. 

WEDNESDAY 24 December

Today, pray that as we celebrate Christmas together it would be more than a western holiday and people would understand the reason we celebrate. 

THURSDAY 25 December

Pray for Fu Zhi Peng who is turning 16 today. He finds joy in performing, which really showed during the Walk the Wall presentations where he did very well. Pray he continue to love this activity, as it is a great outlet for his energy. 

FRIDAY 26 December

Please pray for God to bring the right people to the various roles we are recruiting in many of the National Offices across the world. 

SATURDAY 27 December

Let us give thanks for Zheng Quan as he turns 22. Give thanks that he enjoys working at the VTC. Please pray for sustained passion in his work, as well as better physical co-ordination and enhanced stability when walking.