Prayer Calendar 21-27 August 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 21 August

Yang Heng Shu celebrates his 7th birthday today. Give thanks for the improvement in his responses and desire to communicate. Pray that he would continue to know comfort from our Father. 

THURSDAY, 22 August

Pray for Du Zhen who turned 16 on Tuesday. Pray that he will have more stable moods and will have more smiles on his face. 

FRIDAY, 23 August

July and August are typically ICC’s most challenging months financially. Please pray for continued financial blessings. 

SATURDAY, 24 August

Please pray for David Gotts’ (ICC’s Founder and CEO) visit to Hong Kong in September. May God bring donors and supporters to the meetings who have a heart for serving underprivileged children. 

SUNDAY, 25 August

Please pray for the new ICC UK board members as they settle into lead roles and find their feet. Pray that they are able to discern the areas to focus on as they begin to make longer-term plans and vision for ICC UK. 

MONDAY, 26 August

Zeng Huang is turning 18 today. Please pray that he will learn to control his emotions and have more happiness in his life. 

TUESDAY, 27 August

Please pray for Li Mai who celebrated her 31st birthday yesterday. Pray that she will gain a lot of strength from therapy training, and pray that she will know true happiness from our Father.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for our faithful Hand in Hand sponsors around the world. We are so grateful for their commitment and support.