Prayer Calendar: 20-26 September 2015

Our prayer needs this week

SUNDAY 20th September

Please pray for Zhang Gen on his 20th birthday. He is beginning to take up more responsibilities at work and home. Pray that he continues to take care of his friends and take challenges positively. 

Yang Heng Xiang is also turning 20 today. Give thanks for his helpfulness. Pray that he would continue to develop home living skills that bring him satisfaction and pride. 

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for all of the people participating in the more than 30 Walk the Wall events around the world this year. Praise God for the funds it raises, as well as all hours of work put in by staff and volunteers to make them happen. 

MONDAY 21st September

Please pray for Yang Heng Xun on his 18th birthday. Pray that he would gain some weight and have energy to enjoy life. 

TUESDAY 22nd September

Dong Gang will be 18 years old today. He has had some problems eating, so please pray that a proper feeding technique can be found and that a good consistency of food can also be found. 

WEDNESDAY 23rd September

Pray for Xu Ze Hui. It is his 18th birthday tomorrow. Praise for his friendship with Quan Xing and their joyful influence on all! 

THURSDAY 24th September

Wang An Tu is eight today. He has been showing great improvements in eye contact and social interactions. Please pray that he continues to engage with others around him. 

FRIDAY 25th September

Today we celebrate Su Duan on his 30th birthday. He is a quiet young man. He likes to take his time in eating and working on the cards at VTC. Pray for his health, that he will stay strong and keep his emotions under control. 

SATURDAY 26th September

Please pray for Dang Zhen Yang on his 9th birthday. Dang Zhen Yang is full of smiles and energy. Pray that he can gain more muscle strength through therapy. 

Sun Wu is 27 today. Sun Wu has been excelling at her piano lessons and asks that you pray for her as she prepares for the grade eight exam. She also asks that you continue to pray that she would remain healthy.