Prayer Calendar 20-26 November 2013

Our Prayer Needs for the Week

WEDNESDAY, 20 November

Dr. Mary Reeves, a paediatrician from the UK, will be joining the Hengyang team to provide support for the medical needs of the children in all of the project locations. Please pray for a smooth transition into her new role and life in China.

THURSDAY, 21 November

Please pray for the team from Hong Kong’s Union Church visiting the ICC projects from 22-24 November. Pray that the team will build relationships with the children and that the church’s partnership with ICC will be strengthened. 

FRIDAY, 22 November

Pray for ICC’s Development Representatives that promote and fundraise for ICC. Pray that they would not tire but continue to feel refreshed by the open hearts that they encounter. 

SATURDAY, 23 November

Pray for Alana Neale in Australia as she enjoys motherhood with her newborn son, Spencer, and takes a short break from volunteering with ICC. 

SUNDAY, 24 November

Pray for Wu Shuang, ICC’s Development Representative for the China National Office, as she continues her English studies in Canada. Pray that she is able to integrate well. 

MONDAY, 25 November

Today, Yang Fu Tun turns 12. Give thanks for her love of learning. Pray that her carers will find ways to enable her to learn well within the limits of her physical challenges. 

TUESDAY, 26 November 

Please pray for the leadership of ICC as they look into 2014 and the plans and goals to meet the needs of the children. 

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks that ICC’s China volunteers were able to have a time of refreshment and renewal at the staff retreat that took place last month in Hong Kong.