Prayer Calendar 2 - 8 October 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 2 October

Pray for Wang Liang who turns 22 on Friday. Please pray that he will find greater confidence as he continues to learn important life skills. 

THURSDAY, 3 October

Please pray for Yang Heng Ling who is turning eight today. Give thanks that she continues to find joy in her daily circle time play. Pray that her concentration would develop to help her learning. 

FRIDAY, 4 October

Zeng Wen is 24 today. Give thanks for his willingness to work hard and for the blessing that he is to others. Pray that God will continue to use him to bless those around him. 

SATURDAY, 5 October

Please pray for Yang Zhi Xiao who turned 22 on Thursday. Pray for her safety as there is construction taking place at our Hengyang Project. Also pray that she would develop healthy friendships to give and receive from. 

SUNDAY, 6 October

Please pray for Yang Heng Jia who turned 13 on Thursday. Give thanks that she finds joy and shares it when singing, dancing and eating. Pray for a growing ease in communicating with her carers. 

MONDAY, 7 October

Please pray for Tao Xing Long who is 10 today. Pray for his broken leg to heal without complications. Give thanks for his learning ability. Pray that he would have education opportunities while missing school and that he would develop his friendships at home. 

TUESDAY, 8 October

Give thanks for Du Yun Hua who turned 15 on Sunday. Please pray that she will develop more patience and perseverance, especially when faced with challenging tasks.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for the new Walk the Wall events taking place this year with new people taking part, as well as for the growing number of participants at already-established events.