Prayer Calendar 2-8 July 2014

Our prayer requests for the week


Give thanks for Tan Wang who turns 14 years old. Pray for improvement in his behaviour and ability to control his emotions. May he experience a real transformation in his life. Yang Heng Shan turned 24 yesterday. He is happy and enjoys crafts, dancing and is developing agricultural skills. He just harvested his first homegrown cucumber! Pray that his leadership skills will be well used.  


Yang Xiang Hua celebrated her 29th birthday on Tuesday. She is thrilled to learn to use the sewing machine and has made several bags. Pray that she would continue to know God’s love in her life. 

FRIDAY, 4 July

Dong Xu turns 20 today. Please pray that his shaking hands will steady so he can have the ability to feed himself properly. Yang Chun celebrates his 16th birthday today. Praise God that he enjoys learning. Pray that we would find meaning and enjoyment in his responsibilities at home. 


Yang Fu Ju is 10 years old today. Give praise for his shared joy and confidence. Pray that he would continue to develop self-care skills and take pride in himself. 

SUNDAY, 6 July

Celebrate with Yang Xi as she celebrates her 23rd birthday. Praise God for her helpful nature and pray that she would know God’s love and affirmation. 

MONDAY, 7 July 

Give thanks for Li Shi, a fine young man who turns 27 today. Pray that his newspapers will sell quickly each morning, as the hot summer temperatures are hard on him. Yang Jian Jie turns 16 today. She is growing in confidence. Pray she finds meaning and pleasure in her cookery training. 

TUESDAY, 8 July  

Than Wang, Du Sheng and Zeng Huang are teenage boys in Changsha who have moved into a new home. Pray that they settle well, finding new stability and structure in their day-to-day lives.

Special Prayer Request 

We are so grateful to our Father that everyone was safe after the recent mudslide that damaged the homes and classrooms in Hengyang. Pray that the children will continue to be settled in their temporary living places and that the construction of the new building can be finished sooner than planned. We want to settle the children into their new, permanent homes as soon as possible.