Prayer Calendar 2-8 April 2014

Our prayer requests for the week


Please pray for the China Team that will be going to Sanmenxia from 6th to 19th April. Pray that both the children and the volunteers would be blessed by the team’s presence and help. 

THURSDAY, 3 April 

Give thanks for Liu Yang, who turns 24 today. Praise God that he has learned to use scissors and finds much joy in this during his craft classes. Pray that he would continue to find satisfaction and pride in his craft work. 

FRIDAY, 4 April

Praise God for Zhao Wan, who will be 29 on Sunday. Pray that she would keep up with her physical therapy and that her health would improve.


Please pray for Yao Fang on her 19th birthday today. Pray that her health would improve and that she would find healthy ways to process her feelings. 

SUNDAY, 6 April

Let’s celebrate with Yang Xiao Shu as he turns 25. Praise God that his health remains strong. Pray that he would have greater opportunities to participate in more activities with other children and that a better solution for his showering would be found. 

MONDAY, 7 April

Pray for Director Jiang, who leads the government-run Hengyang Welfare Centre, as she seeks to improve conditions for the children in the government’s direct care. Pray for wisdom for the staff to find ways to support her in that goal. 

TUESDAY, 8 April

Please pray for the ICC UK National Office as they welcome a new team member and enter into exciting opportunities to grow the work in the UK.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks that Tao Xing Long’s femur finally healed enough for his leg plaster cast to be removed and for him to be able to get out of bed and sit in his wheelchair.