Prayer Calendar 19-25 June 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week


Pray for Wu Ben as it was his 25th birthday yesterday. Please pray that he will give more attention to his self-cleanliness, and take more responsibility for personal hygiene. 

THURSDAY, 20 June 

Pray for the London Regional Team in the UK who are raising funds for a new community group home in Hengyang. Please ask God to open doors and networks for them into the corporate world and to give them divine appointments with key people. 

FRIDAY, 21 June 

Please pray for the orientation of new field staff / volunteers that will begin on the 24th. Give thanks for each one of them including the Inkpen family, Laurel Goodwin and Janet Whitehead. Please also pray that they will feel a sense of community and belonging and feel supported and equipped in their journey with ICC through this orientation. 

SATURDAY, 22 June 

Please pray that Yang Liu Xi has a wonderful 5th birthday. Give thanks that he has settled in Bei Jing at his new school. Please pray that he would be found on the adoption list. 

SUNDAY, 23 June 

Today, let’s celebrate Liu Mi as she celebrates turning 24. Give thanks for this young lady and please pray that she will develop a happiness that is contagious to everyone around her. Pray that she will know the Father’s love, bringing her true happiness.  

MONDAY, 24 June 

Please pray for Dang Yun Chuan who turns 5 today. Dang Yun Chuan is enjoying her daily activity and music times and can now sit for very short periods. Please pray that she continues to progress in therapy. 

TUESDAY, 25 June 

Let’s celebrate with Dang Shui Xian on her 11th birthday. Dang Shui Xian is being encouraged to express herself to others. Please pray that she would take opportunities to communicate with carers and therapists.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise for the development of children within the Hengyang group homes, that they are learning key skills towards semi-independence and that they continue to be a lighthouse into their local community every day.