Prayer Calendar 19-25 February 2014

Our prayer requests for the week

WEDNESDAY, 19 February 

Give thanks for the recent team-building events that the staff in China participated in. Pray that there would be continued joy and unity for everyone of our staff. 

THURSDAY, 20 February 

Dang Zhi Xun celebrates his fourth birthday today. Give thanks for his increased mobility. Pray that he would eat well so that he can gain the necessary weight in order to have his eye surgery. 

FRIDAY, 21 February

Please pray for three teens in the mainstream school in Changsha who are exhibiting very challenging behaviour. Please pray for discernment and God’s direction for the staff as they address the situation.

SATURDAY, 22 February 

Today, Yang Heng Jun turns 15. Give thanks for his desire to engage with people. Pray that he would continue to find joy in his daily routine and that his smile would deeply influence his friends, carers, and teachers. 

SUNDAY, 23 February

Pray for a change in the school system in China. Pray that they would begin to allow and welcome special needs children into the schools to study. 

MONDAY, 24 February 

Celebrate Yang Niu Xia as she turns five today. Please pray that she would master walking alone. Pray that she would continue to develop her communication skills inside and outside of her kindergarten class. 

TUESDAY, 25 February

Give thanks for Du Ling, who is 16 years old today. Pray that she would be able to focus for longer periods of time so that she can do more beading work, which she enjoys.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the committed and passionate board members in all of our National Offices and for many exciting developments and new opportunities this year.