Prayer Calendar: 19-25 April

Our prayer needs this week

SUNDAY 19 April 

Long Yu Qing is celebrating her ninth birthday today. Please pray for better self-control so that she will not injure herself anymore. 

Yang Jiang Kang is turning one today. Please pray for his approaching palate surgery and that he will be soon become part of a forever family. 

Answer to Prayer 

Give praise to God for Ci Ci, one of our Chinese leaders in Hengyang. Pray for continued strengthening and wisdom as she leads the project. 

MONDAY 20 April 

Pray for Dong Shen as he turns 26. Dong Shen has autism, is not able to speak and finds it difficult to join in with group activities. Pray for more initiative and interaction with others. 

TUESDAY 21 April 

Please pray for Li Qiao on her 39th birthday. She had a fall before the Chinese New Year, but has recovered now. Please pray for better health as she grows older. 

Yang Heng Fu is turning 11 today. She is happy in her new home, but still easily bored. Please pray that she will have goals and activities to keep her engaged. 


Today, please pray for Yao Ren Chao. She turns 14 today. Please pray for better health and that she would sleep better at night. 

THURSDAY 23 April 

Pray for Pray for Yang Xie Chang who turned 15 yesterday. He has settled in well to his new home, but is still very shy and often unresponsive. Pray that he will feel safe to begin opening up to others. 

FRIDAY 24 April 

Yang Heng Fei is 19 years old today. He loves his new home, playroom and activities. Give thanks that he is so excited, as he will soon start learning how to cook. 

SATURDAY 25 April 

Pray for Long Yu Lan who is turning 14 today. Give thanks for her good appetite, however she has some issues with her digestion. Please pray for healing in her body and for better overall health.