Prayer Calendar 18-24 September, 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 18 September

Pray that God would continue to bless the work of the ICC USA office and that more connections would be made to further grow the organisation there. 

THURSDAY, 19 September

Please pray for Yang Heng Qi who is turning eight years old. Give thanks for his new one-on-one class time with Liu Li. Pray for his continuing special education needs connected to his visual impairment. 

FRIDAY, 20 September

Yang Heng Xiang turns 18 today. Give thanks for his excitement and social nature. Please pray that he would find places to safely express it and influence others with his smile. 

SATURDAY, 21 September

Please pray for Yang Heng Xun who turns 16 today. Pray that he can experience love in meaningful ways and also pray for connections with his carers. 

SUNDAY, 22 September

Today Dong Gang is 16. Please pray that he will develop a healthy appetite and eat a more balanced diet. 

MONDAY, 23 September

Please pray for Zhang Gen who turned 18 this past Friday. Pray that his continued development will allow him to experience the outside world. Please pray for Kyla Alexander, ICC’s China Operations Director, that God will give wisdom and strength to her as she leads ICC’s work in China. 

TUESDAY, 24 September

Please pray for Xu Zi Hui on his 16th birthday today. Give thanks for his growing confidence. Pray that he would find joy in his teaching responsibilities. Pray also for a growing relationship with his craft teachers and that his potential would be seen.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for the generous US donors who are investing in both the life of China’s children but also the expansion of ICC’s work through the US office.