Prayer Calendar 18-24 December 2013

Our Prayer Needs for the Week

WEDNESDAY, 18 December

Give thanks for Yang Heng, who is 25 today. Pray that he will continue to enjoy working and spending time with his friends. Also pray that God will meet him in a way that is real to him. 

THURSDAY, 19 December

Zeng Shi turns 16 today. Give thanks for his very healthy appetite that keeps him healthy and strong. Pray that his behaviour will continue to improve and that he will continue to enjoy his therapy sessions and classes.

FRIDAY, 20 December

Please pray for those volunteers who have been able to return home for Christmas. Pray for a refreshing and memorable time with family and friends. 

SATURDAY, 21 December

Pray for the children within welfare centres across China, those that may not have a full stomach, arms to hold them or the ability to hear about the One who loves them the most. 

SUNDAY, 22 December

Today, Zeng Kan is 22 years old. Praise God for the healing of her legs after a successful operation. Pray that she will persevere with exercises and therapy. 

MONDAY, 23 December

Pray for the health of ICC staff, that the evil one would not come to steal and plunder at the levels of leadership. 

TUESDAY, 24 December

On this Christmas Eve, give thanks for the gift of Jesus to us all and pray that the children in our care will know the Father’s love.

Answer to Prayer 

Give praise for the recent launch of regional networks in the UK, enabling the message of ICC to be heard across the country.