Prayer Calendar 17-23 September 2014

Our prayer requests for the week

WEDNESDAY, 17 September

Please pray for He Xiao who is turning 13 today. Pray that he will be filled with His joy everyday of his life.

THURSDAY, 18 September

Please pray for Holly, a new international volunteer, who joins the Sanmenxia team for a year starting around September 26th. Pray that she quickly feels at home and finds her feet. 

FRIDAY, 19 September

Let’s celebrate Yang Heng Qi’s 9th birthday today. He loves attending classes, but his visual impairment prevents him receiving the education he is capable of. Please pray for more opportunities to learn. 

SATURDAY, 20 September

Pray for Zhang Gen on his 19th birthday. Praise that he is enjoying his work at the VTC. Pray that he will come to know in his heart that he is special and of the Father's love for him. Yang Heng Xiang also turns 19 today. He loves working on the farm, but please pray for motivation to work and help around the house. 

SUNDAY, 21 September

Pray that Yang Heng Xun enjoys his 17th birthday today. He has started a new nutrition program, so pray that he will gain weight and become more active and healthy. 

MONDAY, 22 September

Let’s celebrate Dong Gang on his 17th birthday. Pray that our Father blesses this child with His peace and joy. 

TUESDAY, 23 September

Wang An Tu will turn 7 tomorrow. He can independently dress himself and understands all his caregivers' directions. Please pray that he will be more comfortable playing together with his peers.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise that Cook Li in Hengyang came into work discharged from hospital with her hands and feet all in working order after the burns she suffered. The hands look fabulous! Thanks to our Father for His touch and answer to prayer.