Prayer Calendar 16-22 April 2014

Our prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 16 April 

Pray for Zeng Cai, who turns 16 today. Please pray that her temperament would soften and that she would be able to learn more life skills. 

THURSDAY, 17 April 

Pray for the local managers and leaders in all of our projects. Please pray that they will have the courage to choose to live out the values of ICC, especially in situations where they face challenges and opposition. 

FRIDAY, 18 April

Praise God for Dong Shen, who turns 24 on Sunday. Pray that his schizophrenia and associated anger can be managed well. 

SATURDAY, 19 April

Celebrate with Long Yu Qing on her eighth birthday today. Pray that she will become more interactive and responsive as her carers deal with her autism. Celebrate too with Dang Tian Fu, who is 11 today. Thank God for his great imagination, for his love of singing and for the improvements in his fine motor skills that means he can draw and even use scissors! 

SUNDAY, 20 April

Give thanks for Chen Lang, as she turns 16 today. Please pray that she would be a less picky eater so that she can gain weight and have better health. 

MONDAY, 21 April

Today, Li Qiao is 38. Pray for an overwhelming sense of peace from God in her life and that she will learn how to show care and love for others. Pray too for Yang Heng Fu who is ten today. Pray that she would enjoy life and have the right opportunities to safely explore and develop. 

TUESDAY, 22 April

Let’s pray for Yao Ren Chao, who is 13 today. Pray for that her muscle control would improve and that her mind will continue to develop and grow.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the adoption of Yang Long Min. Pray that she would settle quickly into her new home and that her transition to her “forever family” will be smooth.