Prayer Calendar: 15-21 November 2015

Our prayer needs this week

SUNDAY 15th November

Cao Yuan Yi is eight today. She is working on self-care skills, such as using the toilet on her own and washing her hands and face. She is progressing nicely with her walking and is now learning to go up and down stairs. Please pray for continued growth in both these areas. She has been healthy and active. Please pray for her continued health. She is quickly becoming quite the active and vibrant child who brings much joy to all those around her. 

MONDAY 16th November

Please pray for Fu Guo as he celebrates his 13th birthday. Give thanks that he has settled in well with a local foster care family and that he has been accepted into the local school. Pray that he would not become discouraged as he has had to jump many grades for the school to accept him. 

TUESDAY 17th November

Yang Heng Miao turned 16 on Sunday. Pray that he would stay healthy and happy and continue to be a joyful influence to his Sealion family. 

WEDNESDAY 18th November

Our China Operations Director, Kyla Alexander, is on a holiday break back home in Australia. Please pray for a good time of rest, spiritual refreshment and reconnecting with family and friends. 

THURSDAY 19th November

Pray for the leadership in China as they manage additional responsibilities in Kyla's absence. 

FRIDAY 20th November

The Changsha office is still in search of an Area Director. The leadership would appreciate prayer for wisdom and opportunity as they work to fill this position.

Answer to Prayer 

We are so thankful for the provision of a wonderful group of new volunteers to Hengyang. 

SATURDAY 21st November

Please pray for our National Offices as they work on their budgets for 2016. They too feel the pressure created by the financial shortfall but stand resolute in their commitment to work together to meet the needs of the children in our care.