Prayer Calendar: 15-21 February

Our prayer needs for this week

SUNDAY 15 February

Pray for Yang Heng Bing on his 16th birthday. He finds school difficult because he is older than his classmates. Please pray that he will develop good relationships with his teachers and friendships with other kids.

MONDAY 16 February

Pray for the boys in Sunbird family in Hengyang. They currently have four of the seven boys in hospitals for various surgeries. Pray for the new area leader as she is having a hard job finding carers to support the kids. Please pray also for the brothers who stayed at home, as they will need to support the others as they recover.

TUESDAY 17 February 

ICC is filled with wonderful, talented people from all around the globe who have an abundance of love for those in ICC’s care. Pray that their part in the journey will be blessed and there will be favour upon everything they put their hands too.

Answer to Prayer

We are so thankful for the new opportunities for the children and young people in Hengyang for the wheelchair maintenance class and badminton afternoon.

WEDNESDAY 18 February 

Today, pray that Yang Heng Li will have a wonderful 13th birthday. She has been unwell but is getting better. Please pray for a full recovery.

THURSDAY 19 February

Pray for Xiao Shu, that his sore would heal and his spirits would be strengthened as he lies in bed recovering.

FRIDAY 20 February

Today is Dang Zhi Xun’s fifth birthday. Give praise that he has now learnt to feed himself and is walking with just a little support. Please pray he would be willing to try to walk without relying on help and see the value in this.

SATURDAY 21 February

Pray for a speedy and complete recovery for Li Bin from Hengyang. He recently had surgery in Beijing.