Prayer Calendar 15-21 Feb. 2013

The week's ICC prayer needs

FRIDAY, 15 February 

It is Yang Heng Bing’s 14th birthday today. Please pray that he would learn to value relationships over objects. Pray that he would find satisfaction in learning. 

SATURDAY, 16 February 

Pray for our newest National Office in Singapore, that God will place open opportunities in front of them as they seek to raise both ICC’s profile as well as funds. 

SUNDAY, 17 February 

Please pray for Xiao Xiao who celebrates her eighth birthday today. Give praise that this beautiful girl is a part of the Community Outreach Project. Please pray that progress will continue to be seen in her life, physically and emotionally. 

MONDAY, 18 February 

Please pray that Yang Heng Li will have a wonderful 11th birthday. Pray that she would enjoy the new family circle time and sense the joy of belonging. 

TUESDAY, 19 February 

Pray for Karen Chu, ICC Canada’s administrator who is returning to work after maternity leave. Pray for a smooth return as she makes the transition. 

WEDNESDAY, 20 February 

Dang Zhi Xun is celebrating his third birthday today. Praise that the carers are enjoying paying more attention to “Peter” and he has made good progress in his abilities. Pray a solution can be found to help increase his vision. 

THURSDAY, 21 February 

Please pray for Peng Jia Xing, a boy who attends our Community Outreach Project, as he turns 14. Please pray that he will enjoy his therapy sessions and will form great relationships with his teachers. 

Answer to Prayer 

Praise for the successful training sessions for ICC’s Developments Representatives who work very hard to raise operational funds for our work in China.