Prayer Calendar 14-20 August 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 14 August

Pray for Yang Hong Tao on his 10th birthday. Give thanks that Tao Tao is so diligent and loves learning. Pray that he would grow into himself and find encouragement in making choices. 

THURSDAY, 15 August 

Please pray for the group from Hong Kong that will visit our work from 14-17 August. Pray that their hearts will be touched towards further involvement with ICC. 

FRIDAY, 16 August 

Please pray for Dang Ya Hui as she celebrates her 8th birthday. Give thanks that she is recovering brilliantly from her surgery last autumn and is now attending a community pre-school! Pray that she understands her lessons and is ready to start elementary school in the autumn. 

SATURDAY, 17 August

Walk the Wall 2013 was launched at the beginning of June. Please pray for all the Walk the Wall events happening around the world, that people will catch the vision to come and walk with us. 

SUNDAY, 18 August

Please pray for the staff in our Sanmenxia project that recently received training from a team of overseas therapists. Pray that the seeds sown through the recent training will grow in our therapists, teachers, and other staff.

MONDAY, 19 August

Please pray for Zhao Yu Xiang on her 23rd birthday. Give thanks that she has some bonding moments with her friends in Big Girls 1. Pray that she will continue to be kind to those who are younger and weaker than her.

TUESDAY, 20 August

Pray for Liu Kuang who is 19 today. Please pray that he will have more opportunities to spend time outside, enjoying our beautiful world.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for the wisdom that he continues to bring into ICC’s work through our supporters, and board members.