Prayer Calendar: 13-19 September 2015

Our prayer needs this week

SUNDAY 13th September

Please pray for Yang Heng Zhu who celebrated his 16th birthday on Thursday. Praise to God for the deep relationship he has with his carer. Pray that Zhu would grow in confidence and peace from a growing knowledge of how loved he is. 

Answer to Prayer 

Give praise for those children who have recently been adopted and for those matched and waiting. Praise for their families and for the openings it leaves for us to give more children the opportunity for happy homes. 

MONDAY 14th September

Pray for the Special Education conference held in Hengyang for all of ICC’s teachers. Pray for encouragement and for new knowledge to be taught to them and retained. 

TUESDAY 15th September

Today is Fu Zhi Kang’s 19th birthday. He is much more responsive in class and can point to the correct answer. Pray that he continues to grow in his desire to learn and communicate. 

WEDNESDAY 16th September

Please pray the new volunteers in Hengyang would settle into life, work and community knowing God’s grace, favour and calling. 

THURSDAY 17th September

He Xiao is celebrating his 14th birthday today. He will be heading back to school at the end of August. Please pray for his learning while in school and that he can make some more friends. 

FRIDAY 18th September

Today, please pray for Yang Xia He. She will be six years old tomorrow. Pray for bonds with her carers, and pray for her to find contentment. 

SATURDAY 19th September

Please pray for Yang Heng Qi on his 10th birthday. Pray he would be comfortable with his new posture support cushion in bed. Pray his classes go well, and that he would know the love of his Heavenly Father. 

Zhao Yu Xiang is celebrating her 65th birthday today. Pray that she would continue to enjoy her retirement and have patience with her little sisters.