Prayer Calendar 12-18 March 2014

Our prayer requests for the week

WEDNESDAY, 12 March 

Today, Zhou Chao is 23 years old. Praise God for his joy of drawing. Pray that he would continue to find happiness in his art and that he would be healthy. Fu Rui is 17 today. Praise God for his love of music and dance, for his pitch perfect singing and for the recent improvements in his behaviour. 

THURSDAY, 13 March

Please pray for Yang Heng Wei, who turns nine today. Pray that he would know peace and comfort and that he would experience deep joy. 

FRIDAY, 14 March 

Give thanks for Yang Heng Da who turned nine years old yesterday. Praise God that she is verbalizing more. Pray for good health and that she would enjoy experimenting and using these sounds with her friends and carers. 

SATURDAY, 15 March 

Celebrate Zhou Jing, who will be 26 tomorrow. Pray that she will receive the medical treatment that she needs and that her temperament would improve. 

SUNDAY, 16 March 

Liu Xiang turns 20 today. Pray for improvement to his health and also relief from his pressure sores. 

MONDAY, 17 March 

Please pray for the senior leadership team meetings that are taking place in Vancouver this week. Pray for God’s guidance, wisdom, and discernment as they discuss the future direction for ICC. 

TUESDAY, 18 March 

Kyla Alexander will be speaking at a major ICC fundraising event in Vancouver tomorrow evening. Pray that God would use her and the other speakers to move people’s hearts to respond in meaningful ways.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for the opportunity that ICC USA had to be part of the Chinese New Year celebrations with Westminster Chapel in the Seattle area. Many people heard for the first time about the work that ICC does in China.