Prayer Calendar 12-18 June 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week


Yang Heng Liang turns 11 tomorrow. Pray that she would continue to grow in confidence and find ways to channel her leadership abilities. Give thanks that she has settled into life in the group homes. 

THURSDAY, 13 June 

Please pray for Yang Heng Bao on his 12th birthday. Pray that the summer months would be a season of happiness for him. 

FRIDAY, 14 June 

Please pray for Yang Fu Mai who celebrates her 8th birthday today. Please pray that she would know the Father’s peace and that her sleep would regain a better pattern. 

SATURDAY, 15 June 

Pray for Luo Dan who turned 21 yesterday. Please pray for him as he thinks about his future life opportunities. 

SUNDAY, 16 June 

Today, please pray for a new China Teams coordinator and for specialist staff including Occupational Therapists for our CS and SMX teams and a Special Education Teacher for our SMX team. Pray specifically that we will find the niches for recruitment in places like Singapore and Taiwan to bring in bilingual team members. 

MONDAY, 17 June 

It is Dang Wei Hao’s 17th birthday today. Dang Wei Hao is enjoying the project's special education program. Pray that he can build good relationships with the new staff in his room. 

TUESDAY, 18 June 

Today, Tan Fen is celebrating her 13th birthday today. Please pray that as she gets older she will learn to have good manners, in public and at home.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the 26 new sponsorships recently, allowing 26 children to now feel part of a family.