Prayer Calendar 12-18 February 2014

Our prayer requests for the week

WEDNESDAY, 12 February

Yang Long Gang celebrates his 12th birthday today. Give thanks for his enjoyment of music. Pray that he would have the desire and confidence to express himself. 

THURSDAY, 13 February

Give thanks for Qiu Shen, who celebrated his 38th birthday on Monday. Praise God that he continues to find meaning in his craft work. Pray that he would know peace and security, as he will be moved into a new building next year. 

FRIDAY, 14 February

Please pray that we would be able to easily fill the positions available in Sanmenxia in the Therapy, Education and Care Departments. Pray that God would lead the right people to apply for these positions. 

SATURDAY, 15 February

Give thanks for Yang Heng Bing, who turns 15 today. Please pray that he would grow well throughout his teen years and learn to use his strength to help his family. 

SUNDAY, 16 February

Pray for the staff and volunteers in the UK as they continue to build strong links with Chinese churches there. Give thanks for the heart and passion of these churches. 

MONDAY, 17 February

Xiao Xiao (from the Community Outreach Project) turns nine today. Pray for good health and nutrition for her and her younger twin brothers. Pray that her family will have the time and energy to do her therapy.

TUESDAY, 18 February

Yang Heng Li is 12 years old today. Please pray that she would remain healthy this year. Pray that she would enjoy the company and play time with her sisters and know God’s pleasure.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the foster care families that ICC currently has. Pray that more families would be willing to open their homes to children with special needs.