Prayer Calendar: 12-18 April

Our prayer needs this week

SUNDAY 12 April 

Pray for Yang Jian Xiang as it is her 26th birthday tomorrow. She is very excited about the plans to include sewing and cooking classes in Hengyang. 

Answer to Prayer 

We are so thankful for happy celebrations with the boys in the Hippo Home, and the large birthday cake requested by Yang Hong Xiang. 

MONDAY 13 April 

Yang Heng Bo is celebrating his eighth birthday today. He now attends education class every morning. Please pray that he will show progress in focus, as well as learning the basics of communicating with others. 

TUESDAY 14 April 

Pray for Dang Ying Ying who is eight years old today. Give thanks that she is becoming more settled during class time and is able to enjoy it when other children have a turn with the toys. Please pray that she will be able to use her voice more to express her needs. 


Pray that the Sanmenxia government leaders would be inspired by their visit to Hengyang on the 14th-15th April and that they would really grasp family style care and work with us to implement it fully. 


Pray for Zeng Cai as she turns 17 today. Zeng Cai is blind but can walk a short distance by herself. Please pray for more practice walking and that she will make improvements in this. 

FRIDAY 17 April 

Pray for wisdom for our male caregivers as they help guide the boys in our care through their teenage years into adulthood. 

SATURDAY 18 April 

Dang Tian Fu will be turning 12 tomorrow. He is an excellent artist, and is also learning to write numbers. Please pray that he would have better relationship with the other boys in his room.