Prayer Calendar 11-17 September 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 11 September

Please pray for Tu Heng Jun who turned 20 yesterday. Give thanks that he has been settled and calm. Pray that he would engage with the new music and dance time each afternoon. 

THURSDAY, 12 September

Please pray for Dong Wu on his 17th birthday. Pray that he will gain strength so that he can proceed with therapy training. Du Sheng turns 15 today. Pray that he will continue to develop good patterns of behaviour with his carers as well as his brothers and sisters. 

FRIDAY, 13 September

Pray for Dang Meng Meng who turned 14 yesterday. Give thanks that he recently completed his second year in an outside special needs school and that he enjoys his studies. Also give thanks that a “forever” adoptive family has been found for him! Pray that all the paperwork and details can be expedited and that he would adjust well to life as part of his new family. 

SATURDAY, 14 September

Please pray that progress would be made in moving renovations forward to create family-style group homes for the children at the Sanmenxia welfare centre. 

SUNDAY, 15 September

Please pray for the Walk the Wall events happening throughout September. Pray that people would embrace the vision and give from their hearts. 

MONDAY, 16 September

Please pray that God would draw new members to the ICC USA (American Friends of ICC) board.

TUESDAY, 17 September

Please pray for He Xiao who turns 17 today. Give thanks for the opportunity that he has to attend school. Pray that he will enjoy his lessons and continue learning new skills.

Answer to Prayer 

David Gotts is travelling to Hong Kong this month. Praise that excellent speaking opportunities and media interviews have been lined up. Pray that God gives him the right words and messages to speak to make an impact.