Prayer Calendar 11-17 June, 2014

Our prayer needs for the week


One of ICC’s long-term volunteers in China is dealing with an unreasonable landlord who refuses to take responsibility for the cost of home repairs. Please pray for a quick resolution to this dispute and discouraging situation. 

THURSDAY, 12 June 

Pray for three new team members joining the team in Sanmenxia that their preparations will go smoothly and that they will easily adapt to life in China. Also pray for physical, spiritual and emotional protection for the entire team there. 

FRIDAY, 13 June 

Give thanks for Yang Heng Liang who turns 12 today. Praise God that she is enjoying school, developing a longer attention span and learning many new things. Yang Heng Bao turns 13 today. Praise God for his recovery from illness. Pray that his joy of life will be restored and that he will smile and laugh again. 

SATURDAY, 14 June 

Celebrate Luo Dan who is 22 years old today. Praise God that he has moved from ICC to independent living at the welfare centre. Please pray that he finds his father. Yang Fu Mai is nine years old today. She needs outlets for her energy. Please pray for good weather that would allow her to enjoy outdoor activities. 

SUNDAY, 15 June 

Give thanks for Dang Zhi as he turns 12 today. He enjoys going to class each day and participating in the lessons. Pray for successful strategies to help him manage his visual limitations and assist his learning. 

MONDAY, 16 June 

Dang Zi Pei turns eight tomorrow. Praise God that he had his heart surgery. Pray for continued healing as he resumes normal activities. 

TUESDAY, 17 June

Celebrate Dang Wei Hao on his 12th birthday. Give thanks that he loves to attend class each day and pray that he will find a sense of peace in his current situation.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for the recent enquiries about opportunities to volunteer in China. Please pray that many will respond and accept the challenge of serving in China.