Prayer Calendar 11-17 December 2013

Our Prayer Needs for the Week

WEDNESDAY, 11 December

Pray that the Christmas message would be heard by everyone through the actions of the foreign volunteers and at the various Christmas parties. 

THURSDAY, 12 December

Pray that the eyes and hearts of therapists and medical professionals would be opened to the needs of ICC and that these people would come to China. 

FRIDAY, 13 December

Pray that each child will feel special and loved through this season of love. 

SATURDAY, 14 December

Pray for the project managers and welfare centre directors as they discuss implementation of the items raised during their recent meetings. 

SUNDAY, 15 December

Pray for clarity of purpose, that our leadership will not be distracted, but stand in faith and focus on the vision of ICC. 

MONDAY, 16 December

Pray for our Christmas appeal, that people would give sacrificially through this season of love. 

TUESDAY, 17 December

Pray for our China volunteers who are away from home and family through this season.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for the meetings that took place during Kyla Alexander’s trip to the UK. Give thanks for the generosity of key church partners and donors and for the contacts made with new churches.