Prayer Calendar: 10-16 September 2014

Our prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 10 September

Wang Gen is 31 today. Give thanks that he is happier recently. Pray that his gait will improve and he will fall less while walking. Pray for God's protection everyday. 

THURSDAY, 11 September

Pray for Tu Heng Jun who turned 21 yesterday. He was quite unsettled moving into the temporary accommodation after the landslide. Please pray that he will feel safe, secure and peaceful as he prepares to move to the new building. 

FRIDAY, 12 September

 Pray that Dong Wu has a wonderful 18th birthday today. Pray that he will experience the love of the Father through the loving care of those around him. 

SATURDAY, 13 September

Let’s celebrate Du Sheng who turned 16 yesterday. Praise to our Father that he is doing well in his first holiday job in a C bookshop. Pray that his faith will be strengthened and he grows in his relationship with Jesus. Pray that as he starts schooling in a vocational school, he will be diligent and motivated in his learning. 

SUNDAY, 14 September

Pray for Yang Heng Zhu as he celebrated turning 15 on the 10th. Give thanks that he has made great progress in his self-care and chores. Pray that he will grow in his confidence to interact with others. 

MONDAY, 15 September

Today, please pray for a second translator to be hired in Sanmenxia. We have been advertising for a couple of months without success, so pray that the right person will step forward soon. 

TUESDAY, 16 September

Please pray for Janet Conroy as she guides the therapists and teachers. There are often cultural differences that need to be overcome as Chinese and Western therapy/teaching methods are poles apart. Pray for wisdom and patience in this.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God that the children in Sanmenxia are healthy and enjoying their daily activities.