Prayer Calendar 10-16 July 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week


Today, Dang Ling Li is turning two. Dang Ling Li was adopted recently, so give thanks for her new forever family! Yang Tie turns 18 today. Pray that the new circle time would begin soon bringing life enriching activities for Tie Tie to know love through. 

It is Yang Fang’s 24th birthday today. Pray that she would continue to be encouraged as her craft products are purchased. Please also pray that she would know the satisfaction of work and learn to encourage others in their work. 


Wang Ge is celebrating her 27th birthday today. Give thanks for her brilliant smile and pray that she will keep smiling everyday. 

FRIDAY, 12 July

Please pray for Yang Heng Shu on his 7th birthday. Give thanks for his recent improvements socially. Pray that he would initiate interactions that lead to joy for him personally and those adults and children in his family group. 

SATURDAY, 13 July 

Pray that Liu Chu has a wonderful 25th birthday. Please pray that she will learn more songs and will have better health. 

SUNDAY, 14 July

Wang Hua celebrated her 23rd birthday yesterday. Please pray that she will have more chances to study and utilise her new knowledge.

MONDAY, 15 July 

Pray for the ICC staff in China and around the world as we begin 30 days of prayer in July. Pray that God will bless us as we seek to understand how He would have us serve the abandoned and disabled children of China in the next five years.

TUESDAY, 16 July

Today, Dang Qing Feng turns four. Give thanks that he is enjoying his pre-school classes. Please pray that he can smoothly adjust to his new class schedule.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the four new Trustees who have joined the ICC UK board. They had a great weekend start in June where they got to know each other better and began the work of growing ICC’s work in the UK.