Prayer Calendar: 1-7 November 2015

Our prayer needs this week

SUNDAY 1st November

Today, Quan Xing is turning 25. Give thanks for his enjoyment of life and friendships. Pray that he would continue to develop skills around the Dolphin house. 

MONDAY 2nd November

Pray for long-term volunteers who are fluent in Chinese to join the team in Sanmenxia. 

TUESDAY 3rd November

Please pray for Dong Lai as he faces some challenges. Pray that he would have courage as he walks this journey. 

WEDNESDAY 4th November

Let’s lift up Yang Heng Yan on her 18th birthday. Pray that she would know about God’s smile over her. 

THURSDAY 5th November

Pray for the new Vice Directors of the welfare centre in Changsha. Pray that they would catch the heart and vision of the work that ICC is doing, would work well with ICC’s leadership and would be in good communication. 

Answer to Prayer 

Give praise that long-term volunteer Angela Knapp’s journey toward adoption has gone smoothly. Pray for her and Timothy, her new son, as they settle in as a new family.

FRIDAY 6th November

Please pray for Liu Zheng as he turns 20. Pray that his emotional health would improve. He is often throwing tantrums, knocking his head against the floor and refusing to take part in activities. We hope that he can be happier, respect his body more, interact more with other children, and remain good and healthy. 

SATURDAY 7th November

Please pray for the leadership of ICC as they manage the financial challenges created by income shortfalls and changes in China’s economy. Pray for strength, wisdom and opportunities as they look for ways to meet the monthly cost of operating the projects in China.