Prayer Calendar 1-7 May 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week


Yang Fu Shui is celebrating his 14th birthday today. Give thanks that Shui's health has been better recently and that he has been really enjoying coming to the hobby craft room each morning. Pray that he would continue to find God’s love and joy as he expresses himself through arts and crafts. 


Please pray for the ICC Hong Kong National Office today. We are seeking to identify new board members, strengthen our staff team and increase our contacts in Hong Kong with those that will support ICC’s work prayerfully, financially and through serving. 

FRIDAY, 3 May 

Please pray for God to raise up more long term staff for ICC’s work in China. There are many opportunities to improve the quality of life for those in ICC’s care, but this can only happen through more people responding to God’s call to come and serve. 


Liu Gen turns 17 tomorrow. Please pray that he will learn to eat well and enjoy his food. Please also pray that his general health will improve and for each night’s sleep to be peaceful for him. 

SUNDAY, 5 May 

Please pray for Zhang Qiu Xi who turns five today. Pray that she will be able to swallow by herself. Also pray that each day she will be filled with joy from our Father. 

MONDAY, 6 May 

Du Yi celebrates her 16th birthday today. Please pray that she will know true happiness every day, and that she will be more positive.


Please pray for Su Sen who turns 24 today. Pray that his fine motor skills will improve and that he will enjoy making handicrafts. Pray that our Father will fill him with His love and happiness every day. Yang Tu Heng turns six today. He is such a happy boy who easily shares a smile and we thank God for his influence on us. Pray that his walking would continue to improve and that his left leg will continue to develop with therapy and daily use.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for the support, increased attention and help we are receiving from our Chinese government partners. They are working really hard to support each of ICC’s projects.