Prayer Calendar 1-7 Mar. 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week

FRIDAY, 1 March 

Pray for Karen Chu, ICC Canada Administrator, returning after 12 months maternity leave. Please pray that she can quickly assimilate back into her role. 


Today, pray for Helen Kay, ICC UK Board Chair as she seeks to build up the board of trustees. Pray that she will have the Lord’s favour and wisdom. 

SUNDAY, 3 March

Let’s celebrate Yang Hong Xiang who is turning 25 tomorrow. Please pray that he learns good ways to gain affirmation and attention. Give thanks for his love of helping others.

MONDAY, 4 March 

Please pray for Du Sha on her 17th birthday. Ask our Father to give Du Sha good health, and please pray that she will stop biting her fingers. 

TUESDAY, 5 March 

Please pray as we plan for ICC’s 20th anniversary celebration event. Pray for a smooth approval of the event from the Chinese government, and also for the logistics of people travelling in and out of China. Pray that our relationships with our government partners will be strong, and that we would receive good support from them, including increased financial support. 


Li Bin is nine years old today. Give thanks for his progress in reading and math, and for his desire to know more about our Father and his son. Pray that his knowledge will grow, he will be more independent in his learning and concentrate in class, and that he will not get frustrated when he encounters difficulties but learn to endure and overcome. 

THURSDAY, 7 March 

Yang Yong Sheng turns 24 today. Please pray that she continues to grow in confidence and knowledge, and that she continues to find joy in learning to cook.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God that the adoption of Becky Anemaat has been completed. Pray for continued finances so that both local and international requirements can be completed quickly.